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London, England, UK, 15 Feb 2016 - In honor of celebrating ten years of operation for the World Finger Jousting Federation and nearly a decade of presence in the British Isles, the President of the WFJF traveled to England on the 7th for an official meeting with Richard Gottfried, British Consul to the Federation and head of operations in Europe. The Anglo-American Summit took place in historic King’s Cross . . . Continue Reading

The WFJF was recently featured in Montegue Blister's Strange Games: and Other Odd Things to Do with Your Time. This compendium of obscure sports history and games has exclusive information from the Lord of the Joust and Mr. Blister on finger jousting and the WFJF. You can check out all of our notable appearances in the media by clicking here.

Montegue Blister's Strange Games

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