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Informal Cinco de Mayo Leisure Jousting Social Event



Majigger at the Mall
Ben "Top Gun" North introduces the Lord of the Joust   The Lord of the Joust gives his opening speech   Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder and Ben "Top Gun" North show off the pre-released WFJF t-shirts   Top Gun and Darth Bob demonstrate the basics of finger jousting   Doug "Doug Segal" Bassett and Sonny Cavalcante finger joust on the stage   Bobby "Bobbo" Patrick faces off against Dylan Hall


   Doug "Doug Segal" Bassett flips  Jordan "The Mack Woodie" Woodie over him   Brandon Mays fights off the stength of Will Murphy   Colin "Freeman" Thompson chuckles in his match against Jordan "The Mack Woodie" Woodie   The audience gets into the action   The more experienced finger jousters in the audience duke it out


Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder gives Justin "Gandhi" Facille some tips in the recet   Darth Bob slides under Top Gun during a match   Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder humorously screams in agony as Emily Palmer attempts to lance him   Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck and Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder square off as the event's last match

Pizza Villa Presents the 2007 Inaugural LaGrange Sanctioned Invitational Finger Jousting Tournament
Entourage members Jonathan Bowen holding the microphone for musical act Griff Parrish   Bobby "Bobbo" Patrick jousting against Ben "Top Gun" North   Doug "Segal" Bassett being majiggered by Kyle "K-Money" Weeks   Kent "Ragin' Cajun" Criddle jousting Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder   Brandon "The Beast" Mays jousting Ben "Top Gun" North

Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder and Jordan "The Mack" Woodie prepare for battle   Two spectators get in on the action during the intermission   Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder and Kent "Ragin' Cajun" Criddle meet again in the consolation finals   Referee Donovan King, Marshal Luke Brown, and Referee Dylan Hall debate over an important call   Announcer Justin Whitfield, Tournament Director Julian Gluck, and Announcer Tyler Davis commentate on the finals match

Ben "Top Gun" North and Kyle "K-Money" Weeks jousting in the finals   Kyle "K-Money" Weeks wins over Ben "Top Gun" North   Miss Troup County, Lauren Wagner, presents the awards to champion Kyle Weeks   Top Gun, K-Money, Darth Bob, and Ragin' Cajun were the tournament placers   The group photo of staff, competitors, entourage, and others with a few missing

World Alternative Games 2012 Finger Jousting Championships
Competitors   "Mr. Big" Large   Purple Ronnie  


Robot Arena 2 Finger Jousting Picture   The Lord of the Joust holding the GaETC 11th/12th Internet Championship plaque - Courtesy of Brian Hollis


What the heck is finger jousting? Poster   Official Event Poster for The Majigger at the Mall 2006   LaGrange Invitational Poster


The Majigger at the Mall Video   The LaGrange Invitational Video

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