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Media Coverage

          Here are some of the more notable instances of finger jousting and/or the WFJF in the media. These are organized by medium and then date:

Books / Newspaper / Magazine / Offline Article
Luton Today, Joust now there's some gripping sport! in 3 Sep 2014
Maria Birmingham's Weird Zone: Sports in April 2013
Montegue Blister's Strange Games on 10/29/09
HOOAH! Magazine, 19, Random Recreation in Fall 2008
Atlanta Magazine, 100, How To (Finger Joust) in March 2008
Kalamazoo Gazette, Ad Lib, Hang Ten on 11/8/07
LaGrange Daily News, 1, Finger jousters square off in competition on 5/22/07
LaGrange Daily News, 1, Local Teen Wins State Technology Competition on 3/19/07
LaGrange Daily News, C1, Give them a hand on 7/9/06

Online Articles / Webpages
Dot5Hosting's News You Can Use in June 2008
No Longer Will Your Finger Jousting Competitions Be Lawless at Deadspin on 10/30/07
Fingerjoust - Bardzo Fajna Gra Dla Kazdego at on 8/24/07 (Polish)
The Exciting World of Finger Jousting at Associated Content on 6/5/07
The Royal Sport of Finger Jousting at Precendent Health Insurance on 4/30/07

Index finger points to chivalry at Woodburn Independent Newspaper on 10/24/06
How To Impress Women: Finger Jousting
at Fringe Sports Central on 8/4/06
The Best Thing Since Arm Wrestling at Sports Nut's Sports Blog on 5/30/06
I Will Joust You With My Finger, B*tch at Deadspin on 5/28/06

Radio / Podcast
The Ultimate Sports Show on WQAQ on 11/3/08
Finger Jousting on aStupid Radio on 5/29/07
Hawaii 5-Nil on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire on 12/9/06
The Mark Christopher Show
on NewsRadio 1510am WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee, United States at Hour 3 on 6/14/06
All Over Sport Episode 0001 - The Debut at in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Television / Internet Video
BBC Breakfast on 08/08/2014
Rhett and Link's Good Mythical Morning on 11/18/2013
Rhett and Link's Good Mythical MORE on 11/18/2013
PopSiren on Revision3 on 10/21/2008
Do Something Different on BBC2 and CBBC in Cheshire, England on 6/26/07
33 Minutes on WCAG TV33 in LaGrange, Georgia on 6/25/07
The Nine at on 5/30/06

          Some of the files have been edited and decreased in quality for faster downloads and more relevant content. The WFJF will not post negative or derisive articles; all will be fully ignored and unresponded to. If you have any pieces of media coverage to add to this webpage, if you would like to have a copy of the files that have been edited in their original format, or if you would like to do a story on finger jousting and/or the WFJF, please email media(at)

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