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Dot5Hosting's News You Can Use - June 2008
Date Published to Newsletter: 6/13/2008

The World Finger Jousting Federation

The World Finger Jousting Federation was founded in 2005 by Julian Gluck when he was still in high school. Today, the organization boasts more than 60 official members internationally, drawing from many different demographics. The organization serves as the international authority on finger jousting and oversees all official tournaments.

What is finger jousting, you ask? It's a bit like fencing ... with your index finger.

And is the organization's online hub. Visitors will find the sport's rules, etiquette and terminology, the latest news and upcoming events, online videos, polls, membership info — plus an active online forum with 250 different topics to discuss!

How do you grow an organization for an obscure sport like finger jousting? "We reach [potential members] through viral marketing," says Gluck, who remains the organization's president and "Lord of the Joust." In fact, not only does take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, but the organization also relies on traditional media, posting frequent press releases and picking up a good amount of press coverage from both online and offline publications. In addition, Gluck uses his site statistics to great effect: learning more about his visitor demographics allows him to adjust his promotional materials accordingly.

Take a look at and the site's wide variety of online tools and promotional vehicles. Could you be doing more to attract visitors to your site — and keep them coming back?

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