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Informal Cinco De Mayo Leisure Jousting Social Event

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What: Informal leisure jousting social event
Who: Hierarchs, official members, non-members
When: Friday, May 5th, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Where: LaGrange High School's Playground in LaGrange, Georgia, USA
Why: To promote socialization and leisurely competition for finger jousters and especially those in high school
Cost: Free

          The Informal Cinco de Mayo Leisure Jousting Social event was succesful. Though the turnout was lower than we expected, a number of good leisure jousts took place. Since it was such an informal gathering of jousters and not a large scale event
there was not a necessity for sponsors or a small business loan to finance the day's
activities. A good selection of photographs were taken which can be found at the bottom of the webpage. Here are the leisure jousting match reports:

          Ben "Top Gun" North vs Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder - 6 to 4
          Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck vs Tyler Davis - 6 (including a chest shot) to 0
          Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck vs Ben "Top Gun" North - 6 (including a final chest shot) to 2
          Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck vs Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder - 6 (including a chest shot) to 2



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