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Strange Games Book

Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, 29 October 2009 - Over the span of mankind, there have been literary achievements forever etched into the bedrock of the earth with the sands of time: Ben Hur, the Divine Comedy, and probably not Twilight. Today, a new contender enters the ring for immortality: a legend in the obscure sports world wielding a mighty compendium of strange games and of course finger jousting. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present the first book to catalogue the triumphs of the WFJF and our sport, Montegue Blister's Strange Games and Other Odd Things to Do with Your Time.

This book is a testament to the spirit and diversity of obscure sports and written by an industry expert, creator of his own sport, press liaison, and an obscure sports media mogul. His work began with a blog and then expanded into this encyclopedia. After coming upon finger jousting, Mr. Blister realized that "this was one of the most interesting sports I had heard of for a while. A sport that can be learnt in minutes but take months to really master the complexities." His children demonstrated the sport on the CBBC in the UK to a captive adolescent audience.

"Finger jousting is like many unusual sports and games in that there is the initial desire to maybe laugh and think the participants are crazy, but once you start playing these games—which are often very simple in rules—they are much more satisfying than the overblown, overly complex mass popularity games. I would much rather play thumb wars or Foot Wrestle than play a team game of basketball." Along with finger jousting, other sports enjoyed by the writer are slapsies, Champagne Russian Roulette, House Gymnastics, and Shin Kicking, a game played just like it sounds.

Mr. Blister sees a lot of potential in obscure sports. "I think anything that appears at first unusual, out of the ordinary, maybe slightly dangerous has immense potential to reach many people and either make them want to participate, to join in, or at the very least to smile at the thought of the diverse and crazy things people do." The Federation hopes for much success for the book and WFJF President, Julian Gluck, remarked that this was "a significant milestone in the establishment of finger jousting . . . and independent sports and games as a whole." As for the future, Montegue hopes to further the cause of obscure sports, continue writing, and improve his skill in finger jousting.

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Montegue Blister's Strange Games

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