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Federal Sabbatical

Colorado Springs , CO, USA, 25 June 2008 - In the course of an organization's tenure, there are always obstacles to overcome. Throughout the third year of operation, this difficulty has been mainly related to financial and member support; however it will soon also encompass military service at the highest echelon of the Federation. After consulting various members, dialogues in the hierarchy, and in light of upcoming events, the World Finger Jousting Federation is going on a sabbatical.

"The WFJF has been significantly blessed in the last couple years, and we have accomplished much. However, we do require much assistance from the corporate world financially," said the Lord of the Joust. "Though the media has been relatively supportive, an organization of this magnitude can not be successfully run by only a couple people. We need new members joining consistently and assisting in gathering support, setting up connections, and spreading the sport. This goes as well for companies for sponsorships and partnerships."

Another reason for the sabbatical is the Lord of the Joust's upcoming change. After graduation from his secondary school education, Gluck was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy for college. Starting with Basic Cadet Training, Gluck will have an inability to work on Federation matters and will have very little time in the months following. "From June 25th to early August, I will be at boot camp for the Academy and will have no way of participating in WFJF functions, and afterwards my time that can be spent on the Federation will be tremendously reduced this first academic year. I feel blessed to have this challenging opportunity and look forward to serving my country in the military."

"We have done so much since this organization was founded, and the Federation is not out for the count. We will still be working on projects for the WFJF just more sporadically. We will be selling memberships and products, endorsing events, conversing with the media, and everything we previously did but without greater action from the Federation until we receive greater financial support, more members, and increased time on the part of the hierarchy to accomplish the Federation's goals. I still have a lot planned for finger jousting."

Under the initial absence of Gluck, the Chief Marshal will take on the Lord of the Joust's duties for the following months. "Contreras is a seasoned businessman with an in-depth knowledge of the Federation and finger jousting," remarked Gluck. "I know he will do fine in answering questions, responding to the media, and keeping up standard activities. I also have others working on the membership and product system to keep that flowing."

"I've never once talked someone into trying finger jousting out and had them not enjoy playing. It's competitive, it makes you laugh, it's good excercise, and you always leave with great 'war stories' of some crazy intense moment. There's a thrill to it that pushes it beyond the scope of the games in its league," said the Chief Marshal. "So as we continue to endeavor to increase the size of the Federation, we should look to the spread of the sport itself for inspiration. We should endeavor to make the WFJF more exciting, and more in tune with the growth of the sport. And in the up-coming months, I believe we will see great strides in this direction."

The Lord of the Joust is also interested in passing the reigns of the Federation unto a corporate body or larger organization. If your company is interested in becoming partners with the WFJF, sponsoring, or looking at acquiring, contact the Federation today. If you also have a local group of finger jousters, consider our endorsed club options. "I love this organization and sport. There is an unlimited wealth of possibility in finger jousting and obscure sports. Become a part of it today!"

Federal Sabbatical

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