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2007 Unabridged Rules and Regulations

LaGrange, GA, USA, 28 October 2007 - After more than two years of operation and countless hours of research, development, trial, error, and triumph, the World Finger Jousting Federation has taken the sport to a level of both professionalism and consistince with the release of the 2007 Unabridged Finger Jousting Rules and Regulations.

The document contains over thirty pages of information carefully organized and written to maximize the sport's potential and to balance competition and fun. The rules were written and prepared by the Lord of the Joust, Julian Gluck, and edited in assistance by the Chief Marshal, Aaron Contreras. A preliminary unabridged rules list was made as a prototype to be utilized at the LaGrange Invitational. The rules were succesful but a few significant changes have been made since then.

The largest change to the rules of finger jousting is the round system. Previously, rounds were one minute in length and ended when a point was scored, a penalty occurred, or when time ran out; there were up to fifteen rounds making a maximum of a fifteen minute match. Matches were too long and too inconsistent with this system. To solve the problem, a mixed martial arts, wrestling, and boxing inspired round system was created. There are now three rounds of two minutes in length, and the rounds are only paused not ended when a point or penalty occurs. If the score is tied after three rounds, an overtime round of one minute will occur, a further tie would result in a double-overtime thirty second round, and further rulings occur in event of a tie at this point.

Recets are now one minute in length and only occur between rounds which gives competitors a longer time to recooperate and meet with their entourage. Other noticable changes have been made with the classifications of competitors, but the majority of the booklet is expanding on the rules commonly associated with the sport and providing further information in cases. There are also sections on penalties, officiation, and appendices on performance enhanching drugs and legal customs.

"I am very proud of this detailed set of rules . . . and I look forward to its usage in upcoming events and by competitive finger jousters worldwide," said Julian Gluck, the Lord of the Joust. "A lot of work was put into this effort by myself and many others in contribution and though changes may need to be made in future versions, I think we have an excellent product here."

Appearing on the cover of the booklet is Brandon "The Beast" Mays and Ben "Top Gun" North, two official members and competitors from the LaGrange Invitational. The booklet in PDF format can be downloaded from on the basics webpage and in the press release.

2007 Unabridged Finger Jousting Rules and Regulations

Unabridged Rules

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