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GaETC State Technology Fair

Suwanee, GA, USA, 10 March 2007 - Julian Gluck, the Lord of the Joust, competed in three categories at the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium's Technology Fair competition. One of the categories was the Internet/Intranet category wherein he represented the World Finger Jousting Federation with

After previously taking first in the regional competition, Gluck was elated when he was awarded the state championship title for 11th/12th Grade. He said that the competition was fierce, but ultimately the appeal, complexity, and quality of led him to victory.

"The judging process was very in-depth and tricky, and there was a lot of competition from the other regions. I'm just glad that I was able to bring honor to our fine organization by sharing our website with the public. The plaque [award] deserves to be given to members everywhere."

"One of the more impressive parts of the website for the judging panel was our forum. This goes to show you that our members do make a difference even with just the simple acts of social interaction and learning from one another in the online community."

In addition to winning the Internet/Intranet title, Gluck won runner-up in the Digital Editing category with his amateur film, The Ralphinator, and also tied for runner-up in Technology Literacy.

The GaETC Technology Fair

The Lord of the Joust holding the GaETC 11th/12th Internet Championship plaque - Courtesy of Brian Hollis

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