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State of the WFJF 2007

LaGrange, GA, USA, 1 February 2007 - Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the WFJF:

“Official members, fellow finger jousters, members of the media, and esteemed visitors, this is another year of change and a year of progress in the sport of finger jousting and marks another step in the acclimation of the World Finger Jousting Federation to greatness. In our almost two years of activity, we have grown immensely in membership size, funds, reach, and scope. Our membership total is high, we are making enough funds to survive and then some, our sport is receiving attention in various places internationally, and we are adding and improving consistently. In the past year, we have finalized our logo, held two events, and finished the new website design. Tonight, I'm going to outline some important events to come in this year of 2007.

"One of the more noticeable changes to have occurred in the past year was the improvement of our website. We hope to add and revise more elements of in this new year. Among the additions will be more video, sound, images, graphics, and features. Many of the currently inactive webpages will be made active during this period of refinement to help improve the website user experience. One of the more important features that will be added will be our online shop; using this interface, web viewers will be able to purchase a cornucopia of Federation-licensed merchandise.

"Our limited list of rules and regulations has proven to be effective in informal and friendly matches but as the competition grows so must the depth and intricateness of our sport's guidelines. During the course of the year, we will be releasing the first copy of the Unabridged Finger Jousting Rules and Regulations. This will be the binding set of rules for tournament play and all levels of formal competition.

"Last year, with the vastness of our missions and the finitude of our time, we were unfortunately unable to acclimate a member to hierarch status. However, this year, we will truly be adding a hierarch to the WFJF's chain of command. This occurrence will be a proponent of increased output for our Federation and will be readily announced in the upcoming months.

"The largest event of the year will be when we, the global governing body over the sport of finger jousting, sanction the first official finger jousting tournament. This monumental event will be the first in a series of small finger jousting tournaments to introduce the concept of competitive finger jousting to the world. These tournaments will slowly increase in size, purse, and stakes. More information on the upcoming first tournament will be revealed in the near future.

"Other goals for the year include the endorsement of local finger jousting clubs and the certification of referees. Our club endorsement packages are near ready, and we are already accepting inquiries relating to individuals interested in starting their own local finger jousting clubs under the global endorsement of the WFJF. We will also be starting to certify referees through training programs, so that we may have a professionally trained core of dedicated officials presiding over matches.

"However, the success of our goals depends on the assistance of those inside, as well as outside, of our Federation. As always, we will need to acquire more official members and to increase financially. We hope to continue to expand membership throughout the globe especially in the key areas of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Further globalization and expansion in human resources is necessary for organizational improvement. We also hope to sign on federation partners and event sponsors to help in the monetary aspects of the WFJF; many opportunities would be extended to these gracious businesses and corporations in our upcoming 'Support the Sport' campaign.

"With the support of jousters like you, our Federation will have a permanency in obscure, as well as competitive, sport history. I see that the state of the WFJF is again bright and will continue to be so. May the joust be with you all.

State of the WFJF 2007

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