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First Hierarch and Chief Marshal

Washington, DC, USA, 25 August 2007 - In the Federation's over two years of operation, there has been only one individual leading and commanding the global governing body over the sport of finger jousting, the World Finger Jousting Federation. Julian Gluck, the Lord of the Joust and President, has been able to manage the small obscure sports organization on his own, but as the organization has grown larger and larger, it has become increasingly harder to solely handle all facets of the Federation.

"Since the beginning of the WFJF, I have had the idea of making a board of directors like group that would help to manage the WFJF on the corporate and strategic level. However, I was always at a loss in finding the right people for the right job and how I was going to get this 'hierarchy' organized and set up," remarked the Lord of the Joust. "However, after months of planning, the hierarchy can now start to be realized . . . with the induction of the first official member into this prestigious group."

From October and November of 2005 onwards, Aaron Contreras has been an important supporter, member, and force of progress in the Federation. Contreras has assisted in the making of many important decisions as an informal advisor to the Lord of the Joust and as the first moderator in the WFJF Forum. He learned of the Federation in its infancy while perusing an online web comic that the Lord of the Joust frequented as well and, more specifically, reading a forum topic on finger jousting that Gluck posted under a pseudonym. The Washington, DC native was instantly interested in finger jousting and what he believed to be an up-and-coming phenomenon.

"When Contreras joined the WFJF, he was the first official member outside of the state of Georgia and the first official member to find out about us through the internet and not word of mouth. Since becoming a member, he has been monumentally important in helping me to make vital decisions, improving our rules and regulations . . . and making some important finger jousting moves."

The collegiate finger jouster and new hierach has been given the position of Chief Marshal. His duties include advising on rules and regulations as the vice-chairman of the Rules Committee, administrating referee and marshal functions as well as their certification, and representing officials in the Executive Committee. Though the Chief Marshal is not actually a referee or marshal, he will work closely with referees and marshals to insure that the rules and regulations of finger jousting are sound and that their enforcers, the referees and marshals, are able to do their jobs.

Though the hierarchy is definitely subject to change, positions may be filed around, and more members may be added in the future, you can count on Contreras being involved with the international finger jousting scene. "I have always had a great confidence in the potential of the WFJF, and approached it as a successful project from the start," said the Chief Marshal. "I aim to encourage its growth in exciting ways."

First Hierarch and Chief Marshal

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