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Majigger at the Mall

LaGrange, GA, USA, 7 Oct 2006 - Finger jousters sweat and shoppers stared in awe during the World Finger Jousting Federation's second event, the Majigger at the Mall. Held in the LaGrange Mall in LaGrange, Georgia, the event was chosen to be for leisure jousting, socialization among finger jousters, and public relations. Pedestrains and those in the audience were able to witness many exciting finger jousting matches and learn a lot about finger jousting and its international governing body.

The event was held in a shopping mall to attract shoppers and pedestrians walking by. The LaGrange Mall also provided the WFJF with a sufficient amount of room, stage, table, chairs, and storage facility. Mud Creek Graphics, the current bumper sticker provider for the federation, designed the banner for the event and made a select number of pre-released WFJF t-shirts to coincide with the Majigger at the Mall. Photography was provided by cKw Photography, and videography was provided by local cameraman, Nick Mayfield.

Opening the event, Ben "Top Gun" North introduced the event host, Julian Gluck, the Lord of the Joust and president of the WFJF. The Lord of the Joust spoke about the purpose of the event and narrated the opening finger jousting demonstration on the basics featuring Ben "Top Gun" North and Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder. Both demonstrators are seasoned finger jousters, official members of the WFJF, members of the online forum, and veterans of the Informal Cinco de Mayo Leisure Jousting Social Event held on May 5th of the same year.

During the course of the event, a table was set up left of the stage where patrons could learn more about finger jousting and the federation through reading materials and a laptop showing images of finger jousting. Applications were available for official membership, and a five dollar raffle for two pre-released t-shirts; these were eventually won by Dylan Hall and Clark Klinkenberg. A special guest at the event was Bobby Patrick, an unsung legend in the world of finger jousting, whose arena name, "Bobbo," became the namesake of the bobbo lance, one of the most commonly used finger jousting moves.

The matches during the Majigger at the Mall were marked with surprise and splendor as official members and non-official members from the audience challenged each other and were paired up. The matches were either of the quick play, point play (to three), or point play (to six) variants. Notable finger jousters in matches included Ben "Top Gun" North, Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder, Bobby "Bobbo" Patrick, Tyler Davis, and Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck. Others included the likes of Doug "Segal" Bassett, Sonny Cavalcante, Justin "Gandhi" Facille, Dylan Hall, Colin "Freeman" Thompson, Jordan "The Mack" Woodie, Will Murphy, Brandon Mays, and Emily Palmer.

The matches had many surprising twists and turns, and one even had Darth Bob execute a new move, involving an entire backward fall during a bobbo lance, unnamed as of now, against Top Gun. Others matched up seasoned veterans against new competitors with surprising results. Even the Lord of the Joust had to get in the action against the technique tactition, Darth Bob.

However, the focus of the event was not competition but public relations, and in that, the WFJF succeeded. Due to the help of the event's sponsors, photographer, and videographer, the federation collected an excellent amount of multimedia to be used on and for future events. The videography, once fully compiled and edited, will be sent to various internet and television syndicates for use. The pre-released t-shirts shown at the Majigger at the Mall are to be made available in the upcoming months following the event.

In statements following the event, the Lord of the Joust had this to say: "[The Majigger at the Mall] was a big success, and the [pictures and video] from the event will be very beneficial to us [the federation]. This would not have been possible without the help of our event sponsors and our official members. We had some great matches and great moments there . . . and I'm glad I was a part of it."

Below are fifteen of the most memorable photos taken at the event; you can click on the thumbnails to bring up larger versions of the photos:

Ben "Top Gun" North introduces the Lord of the Joust   The Lord of the Joust gives his opening speech   Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder and Ben "Top Gun" North show off the pre-released WFJF t-shirts


Top Gun and Darth Bob demonstrate the basics of finger jousting   Doug "Doug Segal" Bassett and Sonny Cavalcante finger joust on the stage   Bobby "Bobbo" Patrick faces off against Dylan Hall   Doug "Doug Segal" Bassett flips  Jordan "The Mack Woodie" Woodie over him


Brandon Mays fights off the stength of Will Murphy   Colin "Freeman" Thompson chuckles in his match against Jordan "The Mack Woodie" Woodie   The audience gets into the action   The more experienced finger jousters in the audience duke it out


Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder gives Justin "Gandhi" Facille some tips in the recet   Darth Bob slides under Top Gun during a match   Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder humorously screams in agony as Emily Palmer attempts to lance him


Julian "Lord of the Joust" Gluck and Josh "Darth Bob" Kinder square off as the event's last match


The Majigger at the Mall Logo


The Majigger at the Mall

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