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First Anniversary

LaGrange, GA, USA, 1 Aug 2006 - One year earlier, the World Finger Jousting Federation, the global governing body over the sport of finger jousting, was founded with the debut of Over the course of the year, the WFJF grew five thousand percent in its memberships, started an online forum community, was featured on numerous websites, held its first event, and helped to spread the sport of finger jousting on and off the web. With the second year now underway, the WFJF is looking for an even more prosperous and innovational twelve months starting with their first anniversary.

To start off its first anniversary, the WFJF began with the debut of an entirely redesigned Built using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and occasionally pure HTML, the redesigned features an entirely new website structure, revamped news system, dynamic navigation bar, updated images, and a host of new webpages. The website uses an easier to update template system and more organized webpage sections.

Commenting on the redesigned, the Lord of the Joust, Julian Gluck, announced that, "the news system we are now using will make the WFJF's job much easier. [Before] we were using a monthly article system which we sadly often ran out of material for. Our new system uses forum-based headlines that are referenced on the homepage and news webpage. When you click on the link, it takes you to the topic (thread) in the forum. If the news is deemed worthy of a press release, one will be written in the media section along with the headline. We also now have webpages for events, multimedia, contests, and competition rankings . . . there are still webpages that need to be worked on such as the [shop webpage] and random glitches that need to be troubleshot, but [the WFJF] will have these taken care of in updates soon to come."

Along with the website, the WFJF laid out a specific list of goals for the new year which can be found in the federation webpage. Among some of the goals for this new year of operation are the formation of an unabridged rule set, the endorsement of localized clubs, the induction of select members into the hierarchy, the holding of tournament events, the expansion of the "support the sport" campaign, and the further globalization of finger jousting focusing on the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.

"There is still much work to be done," stated Gluck, "but the best is yet to come. We have many more surprises planned for the year, and this is only day one of three-hundred and sixty four." When further probed by media at the private anniversary ceremony regarding some of these forementioned surprises, Gluck hinted at a redesigning of membership items in the near future. He would not however make a statement on who was to be the first hierarch to be inducted or when the shop is to go online.

When asked to make a final remark, Gluck responded by saying, "This is a very important time for the WFJF, and we need all of the official members we can get for support. If you are interested in finger jousting, [you] should consider becoming a member, or if you are a business, [you] should think about sponsorship or partnership. . . those are the best presents you can give to the WFJF, and it is its birthday after all."

The Website Transformation

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