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Federation Hierarchy

          The hierarchy is the voluntary board of administrators running the World Finger Jousting Federation. We are currently in the process of increasing the hierarchy based on professional needs. If you would like to apply to the hierachy, please contact us.

          The Lord of the Joust founded the WFJF when he was fourteen-years-old on August 1st, 2005. He is the president and webmaster, running operations for the Federation including public relations, finance, sanctioning and endorsement, and rules of the sport. Gluck is a distinguished graduate with academic and military honors from the US Air Force Academy, a supersonic pilot, and has worked in international business, philanthropy, web design, and television. He has been the Chairman of the Knights of Columbus College Council Advisory Board, commanded at the Academy at the group level, interned at the US Senate in military legislative affairs, and co-starred in an educational television program for George Public Broadcasting. In addition to spearheading and organizing this obscure sport, he has boxed intercollegiately, wrestled, and has a black belt in taekwondo. Gluck speaks Japanese, has performed for the President of the United States with his a cappella group, and is passionate about donating WFJF funds to charitable causes, especially those that benefit children who cannot participate in the sport due to physical restrictions.
President (Lord of the Joust)
Current as of August 2014
Julian R. Gluck
Email: LordoftheJoust(at)
          Aaron Contreras was among the original innovators in the sport of finger jousting. An early developer of moves, tactics, and rules, he was the first official member in the Washington, DC metro area and a forum moderator. As Chief Marshal, his duties include governance over rules and regulations and regulating the certification of referees and marshals. Contreras is a business analyst for a Fortune 500 company and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Project Management. In addition to helping lead the Federation, he is a co-host on the YouTube show "Drink, Craft, Repeat!" and was a finalist in Korean pop star PSY's Go! Bibigo! celebrity chef contest. He has ambitious goals set for the Federation and aims to encourage its growth in exciting ways.
Chief Marshal
Current as of August 2014
Aaron Contreras
Email: ChiefMarshal(at)
         Richard Gottfried was the first international member of the World Finger Jousting Federation and resides in Luton, England. He joined the WFJF in November 2006 and since then has built up an impressive win-loss record in Quick Play Rules and holds an undefeated streak that began on December 21st, 2006. In addition to finger jousting, he has competed in numerous obscure sports including dodgeball, laser tag, thumb wrestling, rock paper scissors, hopping, and worm charming. Gottfried is also a miniature golfer of renown, having represented Great Britain in international tournaments in Finland and Sweden. A professional marketer and project manager, Gottfried was educated at the University of Bedfordshire and works in Education, Business & Community Development and Sports Marketing. He is also the World Egg Throw & Catch Champion from the World Alternative Games 2012. He is dedicated to helping grow the sport of finger jousting and the WFJF and continues to spread the word via the demonstration of finger jousting matches whenever and wherever possible.
British Consul
Current as of August 2014
Richard Gottfried
Email: UK(at)


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