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          Without the proper funds and resources, no organization would be able to survive. For that reason, the WFJF has created a sponsorship system which benefits the global governing body over the sport of finger jousting and its patrons. This sponsorship system is divided into two categories: federation partnership and event sponsorship.

          Federation partnerships are annual sponsorships on the top organizational level. They are directly involved with the WFJF and indirectly involved with tournaments and other events. Partners provide funds and resources to the WFJF in exchange for vast promotional opportunities and other services and goods. As well as funds and resources, federation partners often offer discount products or services for hierarchs and/or official members and employ cross-promotions.

          Our partners would be able to market their good or service as the "official ___ of the WFJF." They would also be ensured that a competitor in the market of their good or service would not be able to be a partner of the WFJF; they would basically have a monopoly in professional finger jousting. Our partners would be featured on all event and tournament publications as well as on the website. There would also be an option for one premier partner who would have special benefits. The federation partners would have an initial commitment of at least a year, but it could be extended.

          Event sponsorships are individual sponsorships on the event level. They are directly involved with events such as tournaments but not with the federation. Sponsors provide funds and sometimes resources for individual events in exchange for promotional opportunities and other services and goods. As well as funds and sometimes resources, event sponsors often set up booths with their good or service at events and employ cross-promotions. As with the federation partners, event sponsors are guaranteed a monopolistic hold in their market for that individual event; however, that does not hold if a federation partner is in the same market. Sponsors would be featured on all publications for that individual event and would have a spot on the event page of the website.

          There are three different types of event sponsors for most tournaments: title, arena, and program. The title sponsor has their name in the tournament name as well as many other benefits. The arena sponsor has their logo in the center of an arena mat as well as almost as many benefits as the title sponsor. The program sponsor does not have as many benefits as the others but does get in tournament publications. There are also miscellaneous roles similar to sponsors such as caterers.

          If you think that you or your organization/business/entity would like to sponsor an event or the WFJF itself, please contact us and check out the sponsorship & partnership webpage. Note that the WFJF will not be the sponsee or partner of programs, companies, organizations, or events that support political or religious organizations or denigrate, exclude, or offend minority community groups. We hope to be hearing from potential sponsors and partners soon.

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