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          In order to give medical assurance and give competitors an overseeing strategic edge, the WFJF decided to start researching into the possibility of allowing other persons in the competition as assistants to those jousting. This research gave way to the thought of competitors having coaches assist competitors tactically during the match similar to wrestling. However, with the limited amount of moves in finger jousting, and the hectic amount of noise of shouting coaches, this was not chosen. Instead, more akin to boxing, the WFJF allows a personal trainer and an arena coach to be part of a player's entourage.

          The entourage's responsible is to helping their competitor through giving tips and helping medically. This is all done inbetween rounds. When a round is over, the competitors go to their recets in the corners of the mat for thirty seconds. During this time, the entourage will come out and do their duties. Entourages have a maximum of two persons in total and can not disrupt during the match. These teams are made up of two people: the arena coach and the personal trainer.

          Arena coaches are the leaders of the entourage, and their primary purpose is to examine the match so that they can give tips and strategies during the rest periods. Technically anyone can be an arena coach, but it is wise for a jouster to choose someone with a wide knowledge of finger jousting. With the current rule set, there is only one arena coach allowed per entourage.

          Personal trainers are used in the entourage for remedial tasks. In between rounds, they may warm up muscles, wrap wrists, treat wrists, give water, etc. They are not allowed to give advice relating to technique and strategy; they are allowed to give strength, quickness, and medical advice. With the current rule set, there is only one personal trainer allowed per entourage.

          Since finger jousting is a mostly individual sport, players provide their own entourage. However if the player is part of a team or endorsed club, they may share their entourage amongst each other. There are currently no rules regarding WFJF training to be an entourage member, but to be a part of a competitor's entourage, they must be registered for the tournament and pay an additional fee per person. Who knows how the entourage system will evolve in the future? Right now it is simple, effective, and that's the way we like it.

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